Why We Don’t Do Fast Food…

Posted On June 12, 2008

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… or should I say another reason why we don’t…


Here’s to a New Start

Posted On September 18, 2007

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I never thought I would love doing a colon cleanse, but I do. I’m weird that way. I am feeling very, very good. I have a ton of energy and the sluggishness is not there at 3 in the afternoon. I feel I can think clearer and really focus. There’s another bonus I feel is attributed to the cleanse too, but its a female thing and I won’t blog about it, but it was definitely a good thing. I’ll be done by Monday, but I am tempted to go back to TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) and purchase another one and do one more. We’ll see.

Also last night, Brian and I watched Supersize Me a film by Morgan Spurlock… it was a documentary of his life on a 30-day McDonald’s diet ~ you can read about it here… his health completely was crashing after the 30 days.He became depressed, had headaches, tired and gained 25 pounds in one month. I think with all the carbs, he had ingested 35 pounds of sugar over that time as well. I know the diet is extreme and most people don’t eat that much fast food in a month, but the message is clear… its not good for you! I highly recommend the movie.

Brian and I were convinced… we are done with it, that being fast food ~ not that we frequented it a lot, but enough, I’m sure. And a good thing happened too after watching the show, Brian said he’s giving up his diet pop!! I have been pushing this for a long time… the effects of artificial sweetners are terrible.

So we’re off… here’s our smoothie recipe from this morning…

Healthy (don’t tell my kids) Strawberry Smoothie

1 cup of organic frozen strawberries

1 cup of Stoneyfield organic yogurt

2 teaspoons of fresh, ground organic flaxseed

1 tablespoon of organic, raw, extra-virgin coconut oil

A few splashes of OJ

1 packet Coromega (high DHA Omega-3/fish oil supplement for kids)


Posted On September 11, 2007

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If you know me, then you know I love anything health… now, that doesn’t mean I adhere to every specific nutritional guidelines 24/7, but I do strive to feed myself and my family healthy. Brian knew I was a little tired yesterday and told me to hit the road and spend some time to myself. I rarely turn those opportunities down. So I left and after a couple errands found myself curled up in a leather chair, sipping a delicious Seattle’s Best, reading The Weight Loss Cure by Kevin Turdeau at Border’s Books. It was a very interesting read, but the cure basically is giving yourself hcG injections (that is the hormone found in pregnant woman’s urine)… don’t think I’ll be collecting any of that right now. Doctors don’t like to prescribe it in the US so people (ie: royalty and celebrities) are traveling overseas to get themselves some. Sounds convincing, but I’ll stick to the old fashion way of losing weight.

So all through his book you read about whole body cleanses, liver cleanses, colon cleanses, etc… basically everyone that eats American foods (mostly fast food or out of a box or from a beefed-up cow) have an over-abundance of toxins in their system. This causes a slew of problems ~ weight problems, slow metabolism, brain fog, parasites, etc. Well, I decided to get my little kit last night at my favorite spot… Trader Joe’s. I started it before I went to bed and as I’ve heard before the detox “scrubs” your intestines clean. I literally felt the scrubbing through the night… no cramping or pain, just scrubbing. Its a two-week cleanse so I’m waiting to see how full of toxins I am (based on the side effects) and how good I feel after its over.

I did a cleanse last summer during our vacation Bible school and had some terrible effects only to find out I was probably highly toxic. I did feel much better after the cleanse. So its that time again. We’ll see how it goes.