Doing My Part… the Goodwill Way

Posted On September 13, 2008

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Week two down. Tired. Drained, but overall happy. This year I can tell is going to be a doozy… academically speaking. Its just a heavier load with a first and a fourth grader. I am covering all the bases that I might’ve let go a little the last two years. But not this year. The one thing (ie: curriculum) I have fallen in love with is Math-U-See. Ahhh, love that man, whoever he is that entrances my children into learning. They love it and want to do it first thing in the morning. Anyways, so far so good.

Ok… so now onto the Goodwill part. I am now officially a teacher… yikes for those students in my class. I am a teacher for the Dayton Christian Homeschool group or as they say, “Inschool”. We had our first teacher meeting this morning in Dayton and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Especially because my kids get to go there for FREE! A savings of $3,000! Plus I get a paycheck too which isn’t bad either. I have a home room class, a box of supplies and a list of all my students. I will have 61 students divided over 4 periods. Scary, I know…

Ok, Goodwill, I forgot. So after my meeting I headed to the local Goodwill store not expecting or wanting to buy a thing. But the treasures were awaiting and oh so tempting. Here’s list of what I found…

The Visible Man with every part, organ, eye, etc in the box!

Several homeschooling books in perfect condition (including this must-have and this classic).

A pair of Columbia snow boots similar to these ~ never worn

4 of my dessert plates that needed to be replaced from 4 broken ones.

This Lands End vest for Sam. Its so cute because he called it his “Jeep” vest because its the color of the Jeep he’s gonna buy when “he’s big”.

I want to hear about your treasures from thrift stores… Please share!!!


Arters, Myths, and Care Bears, Oh My!

Posted On January 12, 2008

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Its been too long since I’ve posted and I sometimes wonder why I blog… it is more for those of you I know that I don’t keep up with on a day to day basis. To keep you in the know, I guess. Things are going well here and we have fully recovered and detoxed ourselves from the Christmas craziness. The boys enjoyed all the gifts they received and Brian and I enjoyed time together in the evenings during his time off. Even though its a busy time, it is “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Homeschooling is well underway and things are looking good. Sam is reading several new words… Sam, Dan, Don, Ann, doll, nut, the and ant. We just sent away for 25 Harvester Ants that should arrive in the next couple weeks. Our next unit is on Insects (letter “I”) in My Father’s World curriculum. So we will study the habitat and habits of ants. I was a little disappointed to read the ants should only survive for two weeks. Oh well! We have been reading tons and I feel he is doing well for kindergarten.

Ethan (4) is doing well with his school work too. He is almost spelling his name and recognizes most of his letters. He is doing his counting with Sam and going as far along with him. He is a wonderful little artist and today announced when he grows up he is going to be an “arter” (a.k.a. artist). I would definitely not be surprised if that’s the path God took him down.

Noah is progressing well in math… we might be a little behind as far as some third graders out there, but he is really grasping concepts and introducing multiplication has been easier than I thought. We are almost done with Story of the World I so I need to order book 2. Today we read a Roman myth about Ceres, a goddess, and Prosperine her daughter. Each time we read a myth or legend, I remind Noah that these stories aren’t true and gods and goddesses were idols and not the One, True God. So today he asks… “So why do we have to read them, Mom, if they’re not true?”. Very good question… I’m sure I gave a great answer that appeased my curious and debatable son.

Over New Year’s Brian and I spent a wonderful break with some of our dearest friends, Heather and Eric. My mom was gracious enough to keep the boys while we hobnobbed in some swanky places here and here… what fun! Its a once in a year thing, but one of the most memorable times. One of the days, Heather (who homeschools three girls) and I ran to the education store and found some goodies. I got Noah a reading comprehension workbook and a book on taking care of God’s earth (learning about being green on an elementary level!). I also invested in some cool art supplies. This book was a the best investment for the art! I would post some pictures of the boy’s work, but my camera was left at Eric and Heather’s!

So that’s the short of it. We are still in the process of house hunting. We are being patient, but knowing the time is coming, we get more anxious… especially with three boys and winter ~ being cooped up inside … if you don’t know, they don’t mix!! I’m sure our mailman hears some interesting sounds coming from our house during the day. Oh, and to add to the fun, Sam “bought” a life size Care Bear (about 3 1/2 feet tall) at the Awana store Wednesday night. Now its four things running around my house during the day. I’ll post pictures when I get my camera back.