How Do You Know??

Posted On September 30, 2008

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Dichotomy… my new favorite word. You’ll hear it if you’re around me long enough. If you don’t know what it means… look it up, I’m not going to give it to you today. I’m a homeschool mom so that’s you’re homework.

So the dichotomy going on in my head is should we have another baby??? This is such a personal question… why am I writing it on my blog?? Not real sure, but I have talked to so many friends about it, I just feel this blog is just another friend. You ask, why aren’t you discussing this with your hubby… well, we have discussed it in detail several hundred times and we still haven’t decided. One day we’re ready for another, the next we couldn’t fathom the thought of another child (probably boy) tearing through our home. Well, that’s the dichotomy. Part of the struggle too is we would love to have a girl. We would love another little guy, but if we had a girl in the mix already, we would probably be done.

Well, I have had the baby bug for quite sometime now. But am I really remembering the sleepless nights, costly baby items, doctor appointments, plus managing three other active, loud, messy boys?? Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed doing laundry, cleaning the garage, mowing the grass and pulling weeds. I would miss my “freedom” I have now with older kids… even though some people wouldn’t say I have freedom as a homeschooler, but trust me, I do.

I think homeschooling helps you appreciate and enjoy the time you have with your children. I am not one of those moms who can’t wait for her kids to start back at school. I like being around them. Even though some days I’m ready to pull my hair out, I still enjoy the time we have together (another dichotomy). Our pastor has said many times, children spell love, t-i-m-e… and I believe that to be true.

So the question remains… should we or shouldn’t we??? Maybe God says we’re done. Who knows. But time will tell, and let me tell you, time is running out… I just turned 35 four days ago… I know my clock is slowing down. You know you’re old when a girl in the youth group ask how old you are, you tell her and her jaw drops and she is speechless… yikes, I know. I’m old.

So stay tuned… who knows what God has in store for us. Maybe it’ll just be more of the same. Until then, I’ll just hear the sound of the clock go, tick-tock.


Something Neue

Posted On September 6, 2008

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I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband has a new job… although he is still an associate pastor, he is now also Managing Editor at Relevant Magazine for Neue, their “new” resource for ministry leaders. Its a little complicated to describe the whole concept, but he’s in charge of the web content and their new journal that goes out quarterly.

So far it looks pretty cool. I’ve very proud of the work he has done both for the website content, quarterly, magazine AND church combined over the last three weeks. Although Brian’s family jokes and calls his other job his “mistress” because he is constantly on his iphone and ibook dealing with his “other life”… its all good though. He has an amazing way of still being the great husband and father he always was!

So here’s the plug… have those you know involved in ministry to hop on over to Neue and check it out. If they’re talented enough, they can even write for the website.

Calm Before the Storm

Posted On August 12, 2008

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I posted a little bit ago of my kids going to my parent’s for a camp… well, guess what??? I’m kidless!! I love my kids more than anything, but let me tell you how quiet my home is and how low my pulse and BP are right now. I am really looking forward to this week to get ready for school for next year. I have scoped out every Half Price Books in the vicinity… Dayton, Indianapolis, and today, Cincinnati… I heart that place! The clearance section especially… Brian was laughing at me today because I was determined to make it to, yet another HPB store and I did. Today’s coupon was 50% off one item… I think the gas $$ to get there was probably tripled that of the book I got, but hey, it was a book on my list to get!!! Yay!

Today was Brian’s day off so we did a little indulging… ummm, Panera for breakfast, trip to Cincy which included the following: shopping at the Kenwood Mall, HPB, an iphone for hubby (“needed” for work), and dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We do not indulge like this all in one day, but today was special.

Special??? Why you ask??? Well, Brian just became an editor for Relevant Magazine. A huge deal to us. Its something he’s been dreaming of for a long time. He just found out on Friday and it was a day to celebrate. He will still be a pastor here in West Milton, but will be working remotely as “managing editor” hence the iphone. Life will be crazy for awhile til he figures out a balance, but he definitely is up for the challenge.

So school will start soon after we pick up the boys from “camp”. I’m getting excited and nervous, but am looking forward to another year with my guys. We’re finally get the hang of this crazy ride after two years under our belt. I’ll post our curriculum choices later.


Posted On July 10, 2008

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                                    Ethan and my niece, Allison 

Hi, sweet readers of OCC, not to be confused with OCD although I’m guilty of that too! Summer is whizzing by and blogging isn’t on the “to-do list” found on my kitchen counter… sorry! Here’s a super quick look into our life this summer.

– Noah enjoyed a week long beginner golf camp… his instructor secretly told us he was the most advanced in the class… watch out, Tiger!

– Annual Orme Hilton Head vacation… beautiful, restful, playful, joyful… what more can I say??

– Many visits with my sweet friends… Becky, Rebecca, Ruth. Thank you for your hospitality!

– Continual updating our “for sale” home… more paint, more landscaping, more decluttering, more trips to Lowes…

– Brian did two weddings, one that I was able to go (kid-less) and enjoy the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception… although I was husband-less… since he was running the show!

– Yes, we’re still homeschooling -loosely- this summer… just some hands-on, impromptu lessons with craw fish, snakes, butterflies, hermit crabs, frogs, weather, horticulture, and much reading.

Now here’s what’s still to come!
– Big fishing trip to TN for Noah, Dad, and Papa…

– Church camp for Noah

– Newport Aquarium for Sam & Ethan 

– Birthday parties for friends and family

– VBS with our dear friends in Dayton

– and drumroll…drrrrrrrrrrrrr….. my parents are contemplating holding a week long camp for all their grandchildren (7) the second week in August called Camp Al-Joy… (Allan + Joyce) at their home in Indianapolis. They are planning relay races, crafts, fishing, special snacks, Bible stories, Indy Zoo and bonfires. What would I do all week without my children??? Suggestions are welcomed… I would be clueless, honest!

Hope you are finding God and his touch through this summertime.

Great Mother’s Day

Posted On May 15, 2008

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I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my men. Yes, it was cold and rainy, but I was feeling the love! I worked in our Kid’s worship service at church and was blessed by the guys in my small group time. The leaders like to “stick” me with the boys since I “know how to deal with boys better”, but those boys are so sweet and boy, do they give all the right answers. (Could I use “boy” one more time in that sentence??) After church we headed to eat with just Brian’s parents. His brother and sister weren’t able to come so we got the parentals all to ourselves which doesn’t happen often. The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out at their house which made for a great day all around.

I wanted to share a little interview with my boys that I stole from Claire. I thought it was super cute so I did it too. We spent a few days last week with my parents in Indy and my mom interviewed the boys with questions about me… I won’t list all their responses… I chose the cutest ones.

What is your mom’s favorite song? “Hallelujah”

How old is your mom? 10 (Thank you, Ethan)

What does Daddy call Mommy? Jenna

What does Mommy call Daddy? Honey

What is your mom’s favorite color? Pink (actually, its yellow)

Why does your mom love you so much? 1)Because she likes my blue eyes 2)Because she had me as a baby

What is your favorite thing to do with your mom? School (Wow, I’m impressed)

What makes your mom so pretty? 1)Because she’s a girl 2)Her face 3)Her shoes, pants and shirt (Stacy, you can guess who answered that one!)

How does she make you feel better when you’re sick? She’s a nurse and knows what medicine to give me

What is her favorite TV show? 1)American Idol and Survivor 2)Rachael Ray (we don’t have cable, go figure?)

When are you most proud of your mom? When she traced a turtle for me

What does your mom do best? Draws

Where does your mom work? 1)She cleans the house when we have a showing 2)She works at church with Daddy (I do??)

How do you show her you love her? 1)I hug her 2)I tell her 3)By doing good in school

Hope your day was blessed too!

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m Sooo Ready!

Posted On April 18, 2008

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Well, our house has been up on the market for well over a month. We’ve had tons of showings, but no offers. Boo-hoo. Its fine though, but I would like this process to end sometime soon! Homeschooling three boys who were born messy, doesn’t equal fun times for me. I’m ready for showings to be over, homeschool to be over (for the year) so what’s a girl to do? Yes, you’re right… go to Florida.

We leave in a few days and I’m very pumped to spend some quality time with my husband and boys. We got a “bungalow” just steps from the beach. I plan on reading, tanning, walking the beach, and playing in the sand with my boys AND not thinking about my house for a whole week. Noah actually wants to bring his English book and “do a little lesson each night before bedtime”. I didn’t ask, I’ll just go with it. That’s coming from a son with whom I argue roughly half of my day with about school. Go figure.

Here’s a little picture for you so you can think of me while I’m away.

My Baby

Posted On April 11, 2008

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I can’t believe that my baby turns 5 today. Ethan came into this world on April 11, 2003 with blonde hair, blue eyes and just overall beautiful. He was a very good baby and added so much joy to our home. We were wishing for a girl before the ultrasound, but when we finally met him and held him, we were won over ~ in love.

Then came the terrible two’s. No, they weren’t that terrible, but he gave us a run for our money, but he’s finally leveling out at five. He’s actually very sweet, affectionate and down-right hilarious. One of my favorite things in the world is hearing him sing in a high-pitched voice songs like, “Chocolate Rain” or a fun song modified by my ingenious husband (to the beat of “Chocolate Rain”) entitled “Dirty Rice”. If you have NO idea what I’m talking about go here and listen. To give you a little background, anytime I fix rice (which is either brown or long grain not dirty)… my husband in a cabaret-type voice, sings “Dirty Rice” all evening (to the tune of “Chocolate Rain”) WHEWWW… I’m sorry, I guess you’d have to be here. It really is funny!

OK, where was I??? Ethan! Turning five today. He is so excited for his doggie birthday party on Saturday with family. Here are some pictures through the years of our baby…

Happy Birthday, Ethan.

Nature Study

Posted On February 22, 2008

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Monday, Brian’s day off, found us needing to get out… not the malls, no errands… but nature. It was great. I’ve been reading a lot of Charlotte Mason stuff and nature studies are a big thing in her method. I’m loving it. Plus boys need to spread their wings and run and be free. We layered up and headed to Charleston Falls. It was so beautiful and I couldn’t believe such a place is right around the corner from us.

Noah brought his nature notebook, field guide and magnifying glass. He thought he was pretty cool. Sam brought his bug case… we kept explaining to him that the bugs aren’t out… they’re either dead or hibernating. It didn’t sink in. The last picture is Sam at the end of the trip realizing “there are not any bugs”.





On the Fence

Posted On February 13, 2008

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“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”
Galatians 6:9 ~ NLT

To be honest, this year of homeschooling has been filled with trials. And to be honest, I believe it has been half me and half my oldest and our stubbornness together. I’m very structured, he’s very structured so the both of us together do not always make for easy homeschooling. He now thinks going back to school would be torturous and cruel. I am not sure where I stand on that point. I do not think school is bad. I love homeschooling, but I don’t think its the “end all” (aka: all that and a bag of chips). I think every family is different and every child is different. I definitely lean toward the side of homeschooling, but there may come a day when you will see my children walk into an institution of education (aka: school). Sorry about all the aka’s… we’ve been reading too much Lemony Snicket, I guess.

I don’t like being on the fence with things. And lately I am on the fence (aka: don’t have a clue of what I want to do) with homeschooling. I guess when you are faced with bump after bump, you get to a point where you need to make a change in your plans. Again, I must repeat… the bumps are partly me. So the change can be… and I must admit, we stubborn, structured people don’t like change either… sorry for that interruption… change curriculum or change setting/teacher.

So before my homeschooling friends gasp and worry, at this point, I’m thinking curriculum. Ahhh, now you can breathe (“wink, wink”). I feel the Lord has opened my eyes to a new way and style. At one of my favorite spots at one of my favorite getaways with hubby this weekend, I was directed to this book. Shortest read ever. But such an enlightening read as well. I think if things are done well and effectively, everything else will fall into place is what I got from that little book.

I am currently reading this and following it to a tee!!! JUST KIDDING, just making sure you’re following my links 🙂 NO, reading this and finding so much encouragement and peace. Please pray for us as we continue to seek what path we should take in our children’s education. Conventions and preparations for choosing next year’s curriculum should begin soon and I want to be clear on what direction I (Brian and I) should take in this area of our lives.

On another note, Brian had a great time in Cambodia… especially spending time with the kids from our church’s orphanage. I wasn’t able to embed the video into my blog so hop on over to here to check it under the “weekly” section.

What would I do without my…

Posted On February 1, 2008

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FAMILY??? While Brian is away, I’ve been touched in so many ways by my family… not only my immediate, but my in-laws too! I have great in-laws, by the way!

The day started off with coffee with my parents at the kitchen table… you can’t start a day off any better than that! Then my brother, Jon, homeschooled my kids today! My sister-in-law, Carrie, calls to ask me medical questions… what a compliment since I’ve not practiced nursing since having babies!! She really called to see how I was doing without hubby around. Then I needed to call my in-laws (who are living it up in sunny Florida for three months) to ask them some major questions about something I have to do while my husband is gone… well, they graciously returned my call and gave me wonderful advice. Then this evening with my mom, I headed to Cincinnati to meet my brother who lives in Kentucky for a impromptu half-way visit.

But the greatest of all the family part was coming home tonight and reading an incredible email from my husband who is on the other side of the world. Words can’t describe how it made me feel. Family is so important to me and I am so blessed in every way. Its such a testimony of God’s grace in my life. I love you all!

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