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Posted On September 6, 2008

Filed under Family, Life

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I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband has a new job… although he is still an associate pastor, he is now also Managing Editor at Relevant Magazine for Neue, their “new” resource for ministry leaders. Its a little complicated to describe the whole concept, but he’s in charge of the web content and their new journal that goes out quarterly.

So far it looks pretty cool. I’ve very proud of the work he has done both for the website content, quarterly, magazine AND church combined over the last three weeks. Although Brian’s family jokes and calls his other job his “mistress” because he is constantly on his iphone and ibook dealing with his “other life”… its all good though. He has an amazing way of still being the great husband and father he always was!

So here’s the plug… have those you know involved in ministry to hop on over to Neue and check it out. If they’re talented enough, they can even write for the website.


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