How Do You Know??

Posted On September 30, 2008

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Dichotomy… my new favorite word. You’ll hear it if you’re around me long enough. If you don’t know what it means… look it up, I’m not going to give it to you today. I’m a homeschool mom so that’s you’re homework.

So the dichotomy going on in my head is should we have another baby??? This is such a personal question… why am I writing it on my blog?? Not real sure, but I have talked to so many friends about it, I just feel this blog is just another friend. You ask, why aren’t you discussing this with your hubby… well, we have discussed it in detail several hundred times and we still haven’t decided. One day we’re ready for another, the next we couldn’t fathom the thought of another child (probably boy) tearing through our home. Well, that’s the dichotomy. Part of the struggle too is we would love to have a girl. We would love another little guy, but if we had a girl in the mix already, we would probably be done.

Well, I have had the baby bug for quite sometime now. But am I really remembering the sleepless nights, costly baby items, doctor appointments, plus managing three other active, loud, messy boys?? Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed doing laundry, cleaning the garage, mowing the grass and pulling weeds. I would miss my “freedom” I have now with older kids… even though some people wouldn’t say I have freedom as a homeschooler, but trust me, I do.

I think homeschooling helps you appreciate and enjoy the time you have with your children. I am not one of those moms who can’t wait for her kids to start back at school. I like being around them. Even though some days I’m ready to pull my hair out, I still enjoy the time we have together (another dichotomy). Our pastor has said many times, children spell love, t-i-m-e… and I believe that to be true.

So the question remains… should we or shouldn’t we??? Maybe God says we’re done. Who knows. But time will tell, and let me tell you, time is running out… I just turned 35 four days ago… I know my clock is slowing down. You know you’re old when a girl in the youth group ask how old you are, you tell her and her jaw drops and she is speechless… yikes, I know. I’m old.

So stay tuned… who knows what God has in store for us. Maybe it’ll just be more of the same. Until then, I’ll just hear the sound of the clock go, tick-tock.


Doing My Part… the Goodwill Way

Posted On September 13, 2008

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Week two down. Tired. Drained, but overall happy. This year I can tell is going to be a doozy… academically speaking. Its just a heavier load with a first and a fourth grader. I am covering all the bases that I might’ve let go a little the last two years. But not this year. The one thing (ie: curriculum) I have fallen in love with is Math-U-See. Ahhh, love that man, whoever he is that entrances my children into learning. They love it and want to do it first thing in the morning. Anyways, so far so good.

Ok… so now onto the Goodwill part. I am now officially a teacher… yikes for those students in my class. I am a teacher for the Dayton Christian Homeschool group or as they say, “Inschool”. We had our first teacher meeting this morning in Dayton and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Especially because my kids get to go there for FREE! A savings of $3,000! Plus I get a paycheck too which isn’t bad either. I have a home room class, a box of supplies and a list of all my students. I will have 61 students divided over 4 periods. Scary, I know…

Ok, Goodwill, I forgot. So after my meeting I headed to the local Goodwill store not expecting or wanting to buy a thing. But the treasures were awaiting and oh so tempting. Here’s list of what I found…

The Visible Man with every part, organ, eye, etc in the box!

Several homeschooling books in perfect condition (including this must-have and this classic).

A pair of Columbia snow boots similar to these ~ never worn

4 of my dessert plates that needed to be replaced from 4 broken ones.

This Lands End vest for Sam. Its so cute because he called it his “Jeep” vest because its the color of the Jeep he’s gonna buy when “he’s big”.

I want to hear about your treasures from thrift stores… Please share!!!

Something Neue

Posted On September 6, 2008

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I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband has a new job… although he is still an associate pastor, he is now also Managing Editor at Relevant Magazine for Neue, their “new” resource for ministry leaders. Its a little complicated to describe the whole concept, but he’s in charge of the web content and their new journal that goes out quarterly.

So far it looks pretty cool. I’ve very proud of the work he has done both for the website content, quarterly, magazine AND church combined over the last three weeks. Although Brian’s family jokes and calls his other job his “mistress” because he is constantly on his iphone and ibook dealing with his “other life”… its all good though. He has an amazing way of still being the great husband and father he always was!

So here’s the plug… have those you know involved in ministry to hop on over to Neue and check it out. If they’re talented enough, they can even write for the website.