Posted On July 10, 2008

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                                    Ethan and my niece, Allison 

Hi, sweet readers of OCC, not to be confused with OCD although I’m guilty of that too! Summer is whizzing by and blogging isn’t on the “to-do list” found on my kitchen counter… sorry! Here’s a super quick look into our life this summer.

– Noah enjoyed a week long beginner golf camp… his instructor secretly told us he was the most advanced in the class… watch out, Tiger!

– Annual Orme Hilton Head vacation… beautiful, restful, playful, joyful… what more can I say??

– Many visits with my sweet friends… Becky, Rebecca, Ruth. Thank you for your hospitality!

– Continual updating our “for sale” home… more paint, more landscaping, more decluttering, more trips to Lowes…

– Brian did two weddings, one that I was able to go (kid-less) and enjoy the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception… although I was husband-less… since he was running the show!

– Yes, we’re still homeschooling -loosely- this summer… just some hands-on, impromptu lessons with craw fish, snakes, butterflies, hermit crabs, frogs, weather, horticulture, and much reading.

Now here’s what’s still to come!
– Big fishing trip to TN for Noah, Dad, and Papa…

– Church camp for Noah

– Newport Aquarium for Sam & Ethan 

– Birthday parties for friends and family

– VBS with our dear friends in Dayton

– and drumroll…drrrrrrrrrrrrr….. my parents are contemplating holding a week long camp for all their grandchildren (7) the second week in August called Camp Al-Joy… (Allan + Joyce) at their home in Indianapolis. They are planning relay races, crafts, fishing, special snacks, Bible stories, Indy Zoo and bonfires. What would I do all week without my children??? Suggestions are welcomed… I would be clueless, honest!

Hope you are finding God and his touch through this summertime.


3 Responses to “Summer”

  1. Kara

    love the update. that photo looks like something out of a magazine! adorable!

  2. Jenna

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Kara.

  3. Claire

    Wow–a week without kids!! I would go through the basement and get rid of stuff. I feel like I can never start big projects like that because I am always being interrupted. Plus, it’s been 4 years, and we’re not moving this summer like we usually would, so stuff needs to be sorted and weeded! But you have probably already done that stuff, with trying to sell the house . . . so I guess if I were you, I would sleep late, and relax!! : )

    You guys have already done a lot this summer! I feel like summer is halfway over, but we haven’t really accomplished too much! I can see why blogging hasn’t been a top priority! : )

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