Posted On July 29, 2008

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Noah just completed his second golf camp of the summer. It was a wonderful experience and he learned a lot. On Sunday they ended the camp with a tournament and cook-out. We had a blast. Brian had the privilege of being Noah’s caddy which made him very proud. Brian use to caddy here when we first started out our new lives together out in AZ. So he was quite ready for the challenge. Noah did very well. His greatest hole was number 4. Perfect shot and perfect putt. I will get a video up soon, but for now you’ll have to settle for this pic ūüôā


A Plea or Post, You Decide.

Posted On July 26, 2008

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Not sure if this is more of a plea than a post.

So as many of you know, we’ve had our house up for sale since early spring. I really don’t remember exactly… its just been long. I know for some, that’s not super long in this market that we’re seeing these days, but to us… with three boys… sleeping in one room… its been long. We used the third bedroom as our school room this year and it worked out great. But Noah is getting huge and every night before Brian and I go to bed, we have to check in on them because they have a pyramid bed… Ethan on top and then Sam and Noah on the full on the bottom. The dude is all over and Sam is falling out most of the time. The last time we checked Sam was lying normal on his back and Noah’s head was on Sam’s belly… Noah is 2 1/2 times heavier than Sam, if that tells you anything. Sooo, even though we love our little home, we are so ready for a larger one to house these fun and crazy guys. And hopefully one that will see them through friend’s sleepovers, girlfriends, graduations and so on… we don’t intend on doing this again anytime soon, needless to say.

So here’s the plea part… we have a second showing on Tuesday night. Its a younger woman interested who is taking her parents through to get their approval. But the clencher is her dad builds houses… yikes! So we would really like his approval since the daughter is in love with our house already. Please pray it passes the parent’s “fine-tooth comb” test and we can get some things rolling. I would love to start school in our new home. I know God has everything planned out best for us, but this way would be great.

If it doesn’t happen this way, I am fine with that too. I know God is molding us to be flexible and to test our kids patience as well. We have our dream home picked out and its just sitting there waiting for us. Even though that’s how we see it, God could have other things in store for us. So who knows what will happen. It reminds me of the verse about being content in all things. Here’s the message version of Hebrews 13:5…

“Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote,

God is there, ready to help;
I’m fearless no matter what.
Who or what can get to me?”


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                                    Ethan and my niece, Allison 

Hi, sweet readers of OCC, not to be confused with OCD although I’m guilty of that too! Summer is whizzing by and blogging isn’t on the “to-do list” found on my kitchen counter… sorry! Here’s a super quick look into our life this summer.

– Noah enjoyed a week long beginner golf camp… his instructor secretly told us he was the most advanced in the class… watch out, Tiger!

– Annual Orme Hilton Head vacation… beautiful, restful, playful, joyful… what more can I say??

– Many visits with my sweet friends… Becky, Rebecca, Ruth. Thank you for your hospitality!

– Continual updating our “for sale” home… more paint, more landscaping, more decluttering, more trips to Lowes…

–¬†Brian did two weddings, one that I was able to go (kid-less) and enjoy¬†the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception… although I was¬†husband-less… since he was running the show!

– Yes, we’re still homeschooling -loosely- this summer… just some hands-on, impromptu lessons with craw fish, snakes, butterflies, hermit crabs, frogs, weather, horticulture, and much reading.

Now here’s what’s still to come!
– Big fishing trip to TN for Noah, Dad, and Papa…

– Church camp for Noah

–¬†Newport Aquarium for¬†Sam & Ethan¬†

– Birthday parties for friends and family

– VBS with our dear friends in Dayton

– and drumroll…drrrrrrrrrrrrr….. my parents are¬†contemplating holding¬†a week long camp for all their grandchildren (7) the second week in August called Camp Al-Joy… (Allan + Joyce) at their home in Indianapolis.¬†They are planning relay races, crafts, fishing, special snacks, Bible stories, Indy Zoo¬†and bonfires. What would I do all week without my children??? Suggestions are welcomed… I would be clueless,¬†honest!

Hope you are finding God and his touch through this summertime.

The Old Schoolhouse Planner

Posted On July 6, 2008

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My friend Steph is giving away a planner from TOS… very gracious of her! Here’s a link to her site for the contest…