Sharing the Love a.k.a. GIVEAWAY

Posted On May 28, 2008

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I’m proud to announce my first ever blog giveaway… and I think its a great one! So all you homeschoolers or even if you’re not and would like to use it with your kids, share the love and let your friends know!

The KIds’ Nature Book; 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities and Experiences has been a great companion for me this year in homeschooling my boys. I get warm fuzzies each time I go to pick it up! Its just “one of those books” for those of you who are book people like myself. If I was having a “not so good” day with schooling, it was one that I went to for inspiration. It has activities for each day of the year. The only activity I wouldn’t recommend is on June 2nd, it says to “Get a Pet”… we already tried that this year and it didn’t work for us… sorry, Marley 😦

Amazon says, “In a straightforward, common-sense fashion and approach , Milord presents the world of nature in daily increments. A project or activity is offered for each day of the year, and each week is given a theme around which the projects focus. Some of the activities are simple events that could take place in the home (e.g. preparations for a nature display area, or reading a story or poem which ties in with the week’s events). Other activities require visits to parks, beaches, or other outdoor areas. And still other activities can be successfully completed in one’s backyard. The initial section includes information on how to use the book, how to respect the wildlife which is being observed, and preparations which should either be taken or made in order to properly observe and work with nature.”

I love this book and I think you will too. It will be on my homeschooling shelf for many years to come.

If you wish to enter, please leave a comment with your name, of course, and you’ll be entered in the drawing. Contest ends at midnight on Sunday, June 1st. I’ll announce the winner on Monday! Good Luck!


Great Mother’s Day

Posted On May 15, 2008

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I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my men. Yes, it was cold and rainy, but I was feeling the love! I worked in our Kid’s worship service at church and was blessed by the guys in my small group time. The leaders like to “stick” me with the boys since I “know how to deal with boys better”, but those boys are so sweet and boy, do they give all the right answers. (Could I use “boy” one more time in that sentence??) After church we headed to eat with just Brian’s parents. His brother and sister weren’t able to come so we got the parentals all to ourselves which doesn’t happen often. The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out at their house which made for a great day all around.

I wanted to share a little interview with my boys that I stole from Claire. I thought it was super cute so I did it too. We spent a few days last week with my parents in Indy and my mom interviewed the boys with questions about me… I won’t list all their responses… I chose the cutest ones.

What is your mom’s favorite song? “Hallelujah”

How old is your mom? 10 (Thank you, Ethan)

What does Daddy call Mommy? Jenna

What does Mommy call Daddy? Honey

What is your mom’s favorite color? Pink (actually, its yellow)

Why does your mom love you so much? 1)Because she likes my blue eyes 2)Because she had me as a baby

What is your favorite thing to do with your mom? School (Wow, I’m impressed)

What makes your mom so pretty? 1)Because she’s a girl 2)Her face 3)Her shoes, pants and shirt (Stacy, you can guess who answered that one!)

How does she make you feel better when you’re sick? She’s a nurse and knows what medicine to give me

What is her favorite TV show? 1)American Idol and Survivor 2)Rachael Ray (we don’t have cable, go figure?)

When are you most proud of your mom? When she traced a turtle for me

What does your mom do best? Draws

Where does your mom work? 1)She cleans the house when we have a showing 2)She works at church with Daddy (I do??)

How do you show her you love her? 1)I hug her 2)I tell her 3)By doing good in school

Hope your day was blessed too!

Happy Mother’s Day