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Posted On April 30, 2008

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I heard about this a couple of years ago from a friend. And now seeing the video I know its safer to have our kids (Sam and Ethan) in a 5-point harness carseat. Sam weighs 42 pounds and Ethan is 35 I think. They are still very little and both in boosters without the tether strap in place. Britax has a booster seat that is safe for up to 100 lbs. Its good the stimulation check is coming soon because those puppies are expensive!!!


Warning: Candid Blog

Posted On April 22, 2008

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We are on day two of our (late) spring break trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida. We are having a great time and the weather is awesome. Sunshine, blue skies and palm trees. Plus our little bungalow captures some things that my house is not… granite, travertine, 10 foot ceilings… a definite escape!

I have learned some things about myself that scare me. I am finding I can’t relax, yet. I’m working very hard at it as we speak. It will happen, it just takes time. I have within me (as I’m sure most moms do) this fire to do it all. Cleaning, cooking, caring for our little ones, plus loving our husbands and ministering to others. But I have somehow lost myself in the process. When you take away a lot of those things (ie: my normal surroundings) I find I cannot allow my mind and body to rest. I think it really hit home when I stumbled upon a collegue’s (wow, that’s a fun word to use) husband’s blog. He had a simple post of a picture entitled, “Saturday Chill”. It was just a picture of him and his wife sitting down at two different spots in their great room resting. I thought to myself, “Wow, I don’t do that.” Brian does, but I don’t. What’s wrong with me?

On our way down to Florida, we were spoiled. My parents (who are on this trip too) rented a mini van. Its one of those with two DVD’s that magically appear from the roof, tables, surround sound, etc. Plus all the extras ~ a plethora of recently released kid’s movies, GameBoy, Nintendo DS and Build-A-Bear’s. We rented a Ford Fusion… now if you were a kid which would you choose? So needless to say, Brian and I drove the whole way down kidless. The kids, of course with all those amenities, were “perfect” as my mom promised. So all that to say, Brian and I had some great conversations… except for one small spat at a Montgomery, Alabama rest stop… which was MY fault ~ sorry, honey.

As clockwork, when Brian and I get some alone time, he asked me the usual question (he even use to ask me in college before we started dating… minus the babe part) … “What is God teaching you lately, babe?” I think I gave some good answers, but I think as time has gone on in the trip, God has been teaching me more and that is to rest and to savor the rich, blessed relationships of my life. God seems to always teach us things that don’t come easy for us and this is one of those things. I don’t know how to rest.

This past weekend, Brian went to a festival of writing in Michigan. At one of the sessions in which the speaker was Rob Bell, Brian sat up close to the front to get a better look at the famous, Mars Hill pastor. He went solo to the festival so of course, he sat alone. A few minutes later a group which looked like a family filled in the row where he sat. Brian being Brian made conversation with the tall, red haired lady ~ not meaning he’s a flirt, but he is super friendly to any and everyone! Long story short… it was Rob Bell’s wife.

Brian said she was very nice. He was curious and asked how they managed life with such a busy scheuduled-husband. She said something I knew the Lord wanted me to hear. She said, “We practice the Sabbath”. It was very important to them and their vitality as a family. I definitely needed to hear that.

Today is a new day. I just woke up and the whole family is still asleep. The Lord has impressed on me what I need to do… rest and be here with my family. Savor the time I have to enjoy a beautiful place with my precious kids, unbelievable husband and caring family.

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. (Psalm 62:1-2)

I’m Sooo Ready!

Posted On April 18, 2008

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Well, our house has been up on the market for well over a month. We’ve had tons of showings, but no offers. Boo-hoo. Its fine though, but I would like this process to end sometime soon! Homeschooling three boys who were born messy, doesn’t equal fun times for me. I’m ready for showings to be over, homeschool to be over (for the year) so what’s a girl to do? Yes, you’re right… go to Florida.

We leave in a few days and I’m very pumped to spend some quality time with my husband and boys. We got a “bungalow” just steps from the beach. I plan on reading, tanning, walking the beach, and playing in the sand with my boys AND not thinking about my house for a whole week. Noah actually wants to bring his English book and “do a little lesson each night before bedtime”. I didn’t ask, I’ll just go with it. That’s coming from a son with whom I argue roughly half of my day with about school. Go figure.

Here’s a little picture for you so you can think of me while I’m away.

My Baby

Posted On April 11, 2008

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I can’t believe that my baby turns 5 today. Ethan came into this world on April 11, 2003 with blonde hair, blue eyes and just overall beautiful. He was a very good baby and added so much joy to our home. We were wishing for a girl before the ultrasound, but when we finally met him and held him, we were won over ~ in love.

Then came the terrible two’s. No, they weren’t that terrible, but he gave us a run for our money, but he’s finally leveling out at five. He’s actually very sweet, affectionate and down-right hilarious. One of my favorite things in the world is hearing him sing in a high-pitched voice songs like, “Chocolate Rain” or a fun song modified by my ingenious husband (to the beat of “Chocolate Rain”) entitled “Dirty Rice”. If you have NO idea what I’m talking about go here and listen. To give you a little background, anytime I fix rice (which is either brown or long grain not dirty)… my husband in a cabaret-type voice, sings “Dirty Rice” all evening (to the tune of “Chocolate Rain”) WHEWWW… I’m sorry, I guess you’d have to be here. It really is funny!

OK, where was I??? Ethan! Turning five today. He is so excited for his doggie birthday party on Saturday with family. Here are some pictures through the years of our baby…

Happy Birthday, Ethan.

My Fav’s

Posted On April 2, 2008

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For lack of blog ideas, here’s an idea I received from my ever-so-creative husband… some old, some new (to me) websites I that love.

Design Mom

Anthropologie (not new, but my absolute favorite clothing store ever!)

Janie & Jack (my absolute favorite clothing store for kids!)

Biblical Womanhood Blog

Menus 4 Moms (gives dinner meal ideas for every day of the week!)

Ambleside Online (Charlotte Mason stuff)

Simply Charlotte Mason

Earth Clinic

Green & Clean Mom

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