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Posted On March 27, 2008

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I gotta say it because you sometimes hear it the other way, but HOMESCHOOL is going great! I know that is very dangerous to say publically, but I just have to share. Sam is officially reading and wow, the confidence it brings along. We are loving the Bob Books. Sam is also taking off with math too. Addition, counting to 100, bar graphs... he's got it. Noah is doing great, too. Yeah... now that the year is over. Noah's greatness isn't so much the academic side because he's a great learner, but the attitude side. I have a chart that we fill out each day that he can check off each subject he's completed (he loves checking off things in a list like his mom). Then off to the side there is a place for notes... which I in turn made into "Notes to Dad"... YES! Its working. I write down his attitude or responses. Wherever there's a "not-so-good" remark, he and dad will talk about it when Brian gets home from work.

Saturday I'm heading to Cincy with my dear friend to the homeschool convention. I'm excited to catch up with her and work out what's the best curriculum/books for next year. She and her husband are/were El Ed teachers so they definitely ask all the right questions and I get the benefits of being apart of it, too. I'm pretty sure we'll be doing My Father's World with both boys next year. We did it for Sam this year and really enjoyed it... and he's reading and writing so it must be pretty successful seeing that I am a nurse by trade NOT a teacher. Brian asked "how much is it gonna cost me this year?" (to go to the convention and buy books)... hopefully I'll be good, but if you know our family at all, you know one of our weaknesses is books. I'll excitedly give a full report of my treasures when I return!

Also, another update is we are heading to Florida for a late spring break at the end of April. We originally decided not to, but we caved, especially when my parents are going with us and splitting everything with us. Noah practically has his imaginary bag packed and Sam is already talking about hunting for manatees. This homeschooling mom is very thrilled about this break. Pictures to come!


Needing Some Z’s

Posted On March 11, 2008

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Well, because my brother specifically asked me to via text message… I shall post. This one’s for you, David.

From the picture, you might get the idea that I am tired and inwardly crying out for my pillow and bed. I guess I really don’t need to bore you with all the details, but I can give you an outline of my life as of late which is aiding to the sleepiness.

1. We have our house for sale.

2. I haven’t stopped cleaning and/or organizing since we put it up a week ago.

3. We had three showings last week.

4. I am in a skit for Easter at church where I get beat up by 5 adults… the practices are killer!

5. I spent two hours of my day today sitting at the doctor’s office and consoling my 8 1/2 year old with abdominal pains. You don’t want to know the results of the x-ray! Let’s just say, I got to freshen up on an old nursing skill on him when we got home.

6. Last but not least, spending all day Saturday (during the blizzard) trying to beat the game, Spiderwick Chronciles, on the Wii with my family. After Ethan deleted the game twice half way through, we finally won this afternoon.

Life is good, don’t get me wrong… I just need a chance to catch up on some R&R.

Good night, friends… Hello, pillow…