My First Christmas Gift!!

Posted On December 22, 2007

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Thanks, Brian and Mike!!


(new countertops for those of you who haven’t seen my kitchen before)


These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things…

Posted On December 19, 2007

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10. Anything found on this website… here

9. Building a gingerbread house with my boys.

8. The smell of this candle from Bath & Body Works.

7. I’m obsessed with these, although they weren’t on my wish list.

6. This fudge recipe (omitting the currants and raisins) from Rachael Ray (featured on Oprah).

5. This sermon from one of our fav’s, Donald Miller. (Go to November 11 titled “Story”).

4. Listening for free to this music… great Christmas songs!

3. Narrowing down our search for a new home!

2. A quiet house… Brian took the kids to church tonight… ahhh.

1. Two words… my family



Posted On December 10, 2007

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Advent is upon us… well, actually it started last Sunday. I’m a little late, what’s new? But regardless, the focus of this entire season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the anticipation of the return of his second coming. How exciting. Advent means “coming” or “arrival”. We are celebrating His light in the midst of the darkness in which we live. Its so much more than just marking a 2,000 year old event in history. It is making known the truth about God, our Savior. What a beautiful picture.

This season brings so many emotions for me… joy, celebration, frustration and anxiety. I’m sure you already know the joy and celebration I’m talking about from reading the paragraph above, but the frustration and anxiety… simply put, we have kids.

Kids are innately self-seeking, self-fulfilling, self-absorbed (do I need to go on) beings. From the time of their birth it is their cry that causes us to feed them, the foul smell in their diapers that causes us to change them, and the needs go on. They depend on us for survival, but at the same time, they can dictate our actions. Well, I can attest that after 8 years of having children, this self-feeding mechanism doesn’t end completely. I see it appear every Christmas season. “Mom, I want this.” “Grandma, get me that.” The last few weeks I haven’t heard the end of the wishful-toy-chatter.

(Okay, sidenote: I know as adults, we deal with the same issues… that’s a whole other blog post… I didn’t want anyone to think as adults, we are without blame in the area of selfishness… because I know we’re not!)

Brian and I continue to show them through Scripture the reason why we make such a huge deal about Christmas… one word, Jesus. And we won’t stop! Someday they’ll get it and the wishful-toy-chatter will stop (or die down a little) and I’ll will be filled with joy and celebration. Period.

Here are some wonderful sites for you to share with your families the Scriptures that help us redirect our focus during this time. I pray you and yours find through God’s Word the beautiful depth and riches of this season.

Merry Christmas!


Posted On December 4, 2007

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Life is good. I’m so thankful for our home… we’re warm, healthy and ready for the Christmas season. The only thing I’m not very thankful for is the constant talk of Transformers… my guys know more about those things than I ever care to know. I will be happy for that part to be over. Another thing I’m thankful for are people who seek you out to bless you. Yesterday at church I had another homeschooling mom approach me and ask if her family can bless ours. A little perplexed, I said, “sure”. They are coming on Wednesday to pick up all of our Christmas gifts and are going to wrap them all. Wow! She said she wanted me to be able to spend time with my kids and to not worry about shewing them away to wrap gifts. I’m also very thankful I am about done with my shopping. I have a couple gift cards to get and one run to Lowes.

Today we did our Christmas pictures. Out of a ton of them, I think there might be one we can use… seriously. Brian did some touching up with Photoshop and I think they will work. With some of the lighting props he uses for video and such at church, we made a make-shift studio in one of the rooms at church and snapped away. I never have good luck with my kids in a professional studio and the crowds can make me harried so even though it was still crazy, it was much better.

Here’s a sample (thanks to Photoshop) of one of the boys…

(you’ll have to click on it to see a better view)