Our Week

Posted On November 24, 2007

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To recap our life in the last week…

Last Saturday Brian and I headed to Somerset, Kentucky for a wedding. The groom was a guy that was in the youth group when Brian was the youth pastor who became a close friend to Brian over the years. He married a very sweet girl he met while at Cedarville. It took us close to five hours to get there, but the time we got to spend together in the car was worth it. Here are the pictures of the trip down. The scenery was gorgeous. It was a farewell to the beautiful fall colors.

I truly love the upcoming holidays and the meaning that backs it up. Christ. I love the fact that we have a reason to celebrate and share with our kids about why we do all this “stuff”. It isn’t just for the presents and decorations. Those things are fun, but there’s more to it than that. We are trying to share with our kids about giving… loving… sharing… caring… and in doing so, being Christ to others. Noah is getting to the age where we are able to involve him in some of those tangible ways of being Christ. On Monday, Brian and Noah delivered some our church’s turkey baskets to families in our community. Noah was the “milk and butter guy” during the delivery.


Then Thursday arrived and we headed to the in-laws. It was a great time of eating and spending time with family. The Wii was the highlight of the evening with the kids. Lots of bowling tournaments and tennis matches. I didn’t get many pictures of the kids because they were too wired to be found or be still for a shot.





Also… Brian has an article featured on Relevant Magazine you can check out here.


Our Day

Posted On November 8, 2007

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Today was a great day of homeschool… it doesn’t happen everyday so today I’m gonna be vocal and say, it was a great day!! The boys were excited to start school because of some projects I strategically left undone from yesterday to finish today. So they couldn’t wait to get in the school room and start. Noah got to pick from the “treasure box” yesterday for finishing math in under 30 minutes so today he was racing to beat his time from yesterday… 24 minutes today! Including an hour long phone call to my mom, we were done at 1:00. Yeah! Noah has been great and very cooperative. Thank God for the frost and the suppression of ragweed in the air!!

Anyways, the boys were so ready to head out and play on our new rope swing (thanks, Mike) this afternoon after lunch. They all got their coats and shoes on and headed out the back door… that is except Ethan. He was very frustrated about the shirt he had on to go outdoors… it just wasn’t the right one (he gets that from his dad). At the same time, I was getting on the phone with Gap to pay a bill that I wasn’t able to pay online. I told him he could cry about it, but just to do it quietly. It wasn’t two minutes later while talking to Trish from Gap that I looked over and saw this sight. I had to capture it. Even though he’s four and a half, he still needs naps. He’s still my baby.


A Video for Your Blogging Enjoyment

Posted On November 5, 2007

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My husband is always wanting my opinion on his “works” either video, writing and even the way he dresses… the latter being the one I am most verbal with (you know I love ya, hon!). But this time he wasn’t sure if this video for our worship gatherings was good or not… I was amazed! I told him it was one of his best works.

My friend Stacy stopped by last week after the video aired in church and asked who did the video in church, “Mark?”. (he’s a very talented video guy at church.) Nope… it was Brian. She thought it was great too.

So here it is… what do you think??


My Best Friend

Posted On November 2, 2007

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Today I celebrate 11 years of marriage with my best friend, Brian. We started out so young, but after all these years I can say we are closer in every way than ever. We have been through many ups and downs, but we continually have learned to look to God and each other for strength.

Brian has taught me more in our little more than a decade together than my 34 years of life. I am so thankful for his daily example of love and godliness to me and our sons. I don’t know where I’d be without him, but boy, am I thankful he’s mine.

Happy Anniversary, Hon…

Can’t wait to see what the next 11 bring.