Happy Birthday Sam!

Posted On October 31, 2007

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Sam turns six today. He is a delight. We are blessed to have him in our lives.

He loves John Deere, nature (most specifically bugs, frogs and red-tailed hawks) and anything sweet.

He is kind and the kid that stays right by my side and never wanders off. Unfortunately he’s the middle child who’s good and gets overlooked sometimes because he’s not causing problems.

His ambitions in life are to grow up and be a farmer and have lots of John Deere farming equipment.

Happy Birthday, Sam.


Thinking about Mandy

Posted On October 29, 2007

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I have been asking Brian lately if he’s been praying for me. God is changing my heart. I can’t explain it. Praise God.

Saturday night our small group went to a homeless shelter to serve dinner or so we thought. Brian explained to me that the routines or needs of the shelter can vary in an instant. So instead of serving dinner, we found ourselves outside passing out Halloween candy, playing with kids on the playground area and one of us dressed up like a monster for the haunted house. There was a Halloween party that night for the kids and we joined in. We were told to “engage” ourselves. A little daunting at first being a literal person… serve food, easy… engage, a little more difficult for me.

As the night went on I felt at home with these families. I had an “engaging” talk with Mandy (name changed) who came here from Illinois by her son’s (3 of them) father who wanted to “start over” with her. She came all that way thinking there would be a new beginning. But I found out that “it all blew up” the night before and he wanted nothing to do with her. She found herself here because she had nothing.

I am learning more and more that reaching the lost is so much more than getting them saved. Salvation is critical, but loving, disciplining and just being outside of our comfort areas is exactly what Christ did. And if I call myself a “Christ follower”, I will do the same. Instead of waiting for the lost to appear for my convenience, I must appear to them where they’re at first.

Here are some links/books I am finding so encouraging.


http://www.unchristian.com/ (more to blog when I receive it from library)


http://www.outsidejesus.typepad.com/ (more to come with this link)

Please pray for Mandy.

Excuse This Random Post

Posted On October 24, 2007

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I feel the pressure to blog. I look at my stats and get all excited when I have 50 hits (not a lot for some bloggers, I’m sure). But for me its a great feeling. So then I realize, I have to keep this up. So what do I write about. Its always a crazy mind game of what to disclose to the world and what to keep to myself. Its a little dangerous. Like who’s going to read what I write… an old college prof, an old boyfriend, or someone in China?? Its kind of a daunting thought. I’m a risk-taker so I pretty much disclose a good amount, but definitely not all.

Okay, now that that’s off my chest. Here are some “good things” that are making me happy these days…

1. I’m borrowing a juicer from my in-laws. I love the fact we are drinking several servings of our fruits & veggies in one drink. Also reading Juicing for Life that gives recipes for the juicer.

2. I did some major cleaning in our bedroom the other night after we found a huge pile of Marley-poo on the floor (my side of the bed, of course). It motivated me to deep clean under dressers, bed, return air vent and closet. I emptied my vacuum twice full of dust!! Yuck. But the feeling of going to bed in a really, clean room… priceless.

3.  LaMinita Coffee from Boston Stoker.

4. Truly connecting with two girls (or should I say women??) from our small group. God has definitely placed these “women” and their husbands, in our path for a reason. Thoughts and passions that Brian and I have felt for a long time are really coming together with this group. Its like the affirmation from God that what we’re reading in Scripture is resonating with others in the same way. Its a beautiful thing. **chills**.

Okay… now for the negatives, or not-so-happy things in my life right now.

1. Our van is in the shop… $$$$

2. Sam has a cavity that our regular (ministry-minded) dentist can’t fill so we’re going to a specialist… $$$$

3. I can’t find a DVD that belongs to the library… $$

4. There’s a mouse or some other creature in my laundry room (per the corner of my eye).

I just can’t end on a downer note, so let me leave you with this thought…

Isaiah 43:2, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” (NIV)

The Not-So Perfect Mom

Posted On October 17, 2007

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I grew up in a home that was immaculate, spotless and organized. I go off to college and carry on the practice… to keep my little room neat and tidy. Okay, so my mom still washed my clothes on the weekends, but it didn’t effect my laundry capabilities now. I then get married to a umm, a little messy guy. This is where the shift begins to occur.

Fast forward 11 years and here I am in a smaller house with five males (including Marley) and its a struggle… guns, Lego’s, boots, books, and crumbs galore. Its just a different world for me now. I want to teach my boys to pick up after themselves, but I do not want to be a mean tyrant all day.

So my days can be struggles… clean/dirty… organized/cluttered… easy/disarray… I definitely feel out of sorts with a messy house. Trying to homeschool. Trying to be Christ to my kids. Its not easy. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel these last couple of weeks. My problem lies in the perfection aspect. It can’t just be surface clean… it has to be disinfected, organized and lined up to the tee. Its in-grained in me… something that can’t be erased out of my head. The perfectionist side of me is actually making me a mess… and well, not so perfect by any means. Lousy at some times. Quite a mess at other times.

So pray for me as I refocus my attention on number 1… loving God with all my heart. number 2… loving my family. number 3… being Christ to my kids. number 4… teaching my kids. number 5… enjoying my hot husband and a cup of coffee on the side. (numbers 2-5 being in no specific order.)

Updates on Us…

Posted On October 12, 2007

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1. This week besides homeschooling, I’ve tackled switching the boys summer clothes over to fall/winter clothes ~ this took two days. Our boys definitely have waaaay too many clothes.

2. Marley (our new dog) has officially pooped twice in every room in our house.

3. Noah is reading without complaining… a huge feat!

4. I colored my hair a darker brown ~ I like it so much, I’m gonna go darker!

5. We experienced a little rejection this week, but we’re dealing with it.

6. We’re learning more of what it means to be a disciple in our small group. Challenging.

7. We have gone 25 days without McDonald’s/fast food… yeah!!

Posted On October 8, 2007

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We had a very good weekend here. Fall is here with its 90 degree weather, but we’re enjoying these last days of sun. We picked up Marley, our new goldendoodle, Friday. He is a lot of fun and the boys, except Sam, are really loving it. Sam is glued to one of our chairs when Marley is out. He’s just not a animal person, yet.

Saturday, the boys and I made a trip to the Bluegrass state to visit my brother and his family. Our kids are very close and since they moved a year ago, the cousins haven’t had much time together. Suzie, a Pampered Chef consultant, made some great food for us and the kids from one of their new cookbooks which I highly recommend. Then we drove downtown in their city to watch a horse parade. It was cute and the kids just loved being together.

While Suzie and I were getting dinner ready I happened to see a piece of paper hanging on her fridge. It was one of those poems/letters that made me think, “Did David and Suzie just hang that up for me to see?”. It hit too close to home. So I am posting it here. I hope it encourages someone like it did me.

 This is life….

What you’re going through right now IS your life. Stop waiting for the next thing to come. You have plenty in front of you to deal with. One thing at a time… don’t be anxious for tomorrow. You have no idea what it will bring. You are supposed to be savoring the present… this very moment… it’s a part of a much bigger plan…

But if I could just know what…

you still would not understand. I have a plan for your life. You must trust Me and not worry about anything… 


…AND your response to what life is bringing you matters as well. Your children are watching… and learning from how you’re reacting to the unknown. You must remember that in a time of questions… I AM THE ANSWER… I AM. 


Drumroll, please…

Posted On October 3, 2007

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Here’s our new little bundle of joy… can you believe another baby boy?

He comes home Friday… the boys are very excited.

Potential names:






A New Kind Of Orme

Posted On October 2, 2007

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I believe our family of five might change this week. Its kind of scary ~ kind of insane of me ~ kind of unknown… ohhh, what could it be???? You’ll have to wait and see!!