Getting a Better Perspective

Posted On August 30, 2007

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So we started off a little hairy this week, but the Lord is good and things are definitely looking up. Got lots of goodies to entice the boys into good behavior (wow, that sounds terrible!) and I have a wonderful husband who puts everything into perspective for me. I think as humans we are naturally inclined to look inward and see what isn’t going our way and then have a huge pity party for ourselves. I was reminded yesterday after watching a special on TV of the aftermath of Katrina just how blest I am here in my mopey state. My heart was torn to see the depressed state New Orleans is still in even after two years. Lack of medical care, failing insurance companies, families sick from living in the FEMA trailers and the crime that is occurring everyday is enough for me to notice and straighten up.

I want to be a person who lives with joy regardless of my circumstances and if things aren’t going exactly my way. I do lean toward being a perfectionist so I need to be careful to allow for mistakes and messes. I am so thankful for a forgiving Father who is always merciful and allows me more grace each day.

So even though my life is in disarray, I know I can continue on. I have a beautiful family who loves me, a God who never gives up on me and so much more I can’t describe.

Just in case you were wondering what the treasure box looks like, I posted a picture for you!dscn0261.jpg


Let’s Try This One More Time…

Posted On August 25, 2007

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Well, I hate to change, but Typepad was getting expensive… especially after our little spending spree of a plasma tv, digital cable, entertainment center and wall mount…. yikes. So Brian’s tightening the financial reigns and Typepad was one of the “extras” to go. I like free so this should work out well.

We ended our last day of summer fun by visiting my best friend in Xenia and her three kids. Her two boys are the same age and my two older boys. I got to check out her homeschool area and drooled over their new iMac. That evening we went to Brian’s parents for swimming and a movie ~ they have a state of the art media room which the boys love. It was a nice way to end our days of freedom.

We started school Tuesday. It went well. Today didn’t go as well. Lots of resistance and attitudes… including me. The boys needed some time out so we hung out with some friends this evening which was much needed.

I have some big ideas for homeschool this year. I need some time to organize my thoughts. So for now, I’ll deal with what I’ve got. Brian asked me today, how I do it… homeschool. Its definitely a passion from God. I can’t say its easy, but its a desire that He has given me. I know these years are gonna fly by and I never want to look back and regret not spending more time with my little guys. They’re truly a blessing.